The Crow Vintage Card Game 94 Cards

The Crow Vintage Card Game 94 Cards

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These hard to find vintage cards had a very limited run in 1994 (112 cards were released plus 10 foil and 1 mail order). They depict beautiful scenes from the The Crow and have not been used. They have been kept in a plastic sleeve. They some have minor edge wear from being in tight card packages. They are from my personal collection and come from a non smoking, non perfume place. Please ask all questions before buying. Intended for Adult Collectors. This item could contain small parts. You get the cards listed below:

Angel; Eric Draven The Crow, Gabriel, Healing Crow, Invulnerable Crow, Lonely Crow, Officer Annabella, Resolved Crow, Ruthless Crow, Sarah, Shelly Webster, Superior Crow, Vengeful Crow. By Stander; Bouncer, Darla, Gideon, Henchman, Looter, Skull Cowboy. Devil; Criminal Scum, Funboy, Grange, Myca, Skank, T-Bird, Tin Tin, Top Dollar. Special; A Dead Man Visits You, Anarchy Now That's Fun, Arson, Awareness, Blade, Blinded, Brutality, Calm Within The Storm, Captured, Change Of Heart, Club Trash, Crime Scene, Cut Off, Darla's Home, Sarah's House, Death Overdrive, Delivered Out Of Evil, Determination, Deviation, Devil's Night In Detroit, Driving Beat, Dusted, Eat This, Even Up, Fear And Bullets, Feint, Fire Power, Flashback Stupor, Fleeting Happiness, Friend In Need, Gideon's Pawn Shop, Graveyard, Hidden Away, Hit And Run, I'm Coming Home, Intimidated, Invincibility, Junked Up, Like Lightning, Lost In Remorse, Lost Opportunity, Make Shift Weapon, Maxi Dogs, Mother Is The Name For God, Nervous, Nothing Personal, Pain Threshold, Precarious Situations, Power Of Vengeance, Righteousness, Running Scared, Serendipity, Shelly's Ring, Sorry Soul, Search, Spiritual Guidance, Swipe, Tables Turn, The Boardroom, The Cathedral, The Loft, Thicker Than Water, Transformation Of Tears, Vantage Point, Viciousness, Victims Aren't We All, Wrong Things Right, Your Power Is Mine.

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